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     AfterBake is an online dessert shop that sells their home-baked basque burnt cheesecakes that are freshly baked with premium ingredients every day. I got the chance to try their original burnt cheesecake which is very rich and creamy. The price for Original Burnt Cheesecake is (S/RM58), (M/RM85), (L/RM115). Other than the original flavor, AfterBake is selling Oreo Burnt Cheesecake, Nutella Burnt Cheesecake and Salted Egg Burnt Cheesecake. Price per piece for Original and Oreo flavor is RM12 whereas for Nutella and Salted Egg flavor is RM13. The best is you get to enjoy a 10% discount with a discount code: AB055. Don't forget to put your order with AfterBake in their Facebook or Instagram page.

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