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     Beta KL is a representation of the second outlet of Malaysian-inspired Modern European restaurant, Skillet@163. Beta journeys into four distinct regions of Malaysia demarcated as North, South, East and West to bring a newly redefined gastronomic experience that embodies the hallmark palates of different states in Malaysia. Beta uses various unique elements to take their guests on a tantalizing tour across all corners of Malaysia. Check out their Menu!

[Date Visited: November 2021]- Taste of Beta Menu (RM228/pax) w 4 cocktails pairing (RM138)

First Cocktail: Pollo-Me- Cachaca | Chartreuse | Mint | Lime
Comment: refreshing cocktail to start with, balanced taste of sweet and sour (Favorite).

Second Cocktail: Paddy Terroir- Homemade Rice Wine | Malibu | Lime | Egg White
Comment: Creamy and super sweet, suitable for ladies.

Third Cocktail- Sugarcane
Comment: Not in the cocktail menu, prefer this with stronger alcohol taste (Favorite)

Fourth Cocktail- Passionfruit
Comment: Foamy, passionfruit taste, more to sour taste.

Oyster w Fermented Chili | Winged Beans w Budu | Soy w Turmeric
Comment: My favorite is the winged beans w budu which has a mixture of sweet and sour flavors.

Seaweed Bread and Anchovies Mayo
Comment: The bread is soft but the anchovies mayo is not my taste

Smoked Katsuo | Seaweed | Torch Ginger Granite
Comment: Smoked katsuo is fresh and taste pretty well together with the granite which enhanced the flavor

Lamb | Peanut | Pickled
Comment: Taste similar to the thick version of satay celup. Rich in flavor and nuttiness. Unique lamb dish!

Lamb | Peanut | Pickled

Duck | Nutmeg | Pickled Mustard Green
Comment: I had the similar duck dish from Skillet. Duck meat is tender.

Fish | Crustacean | Buckwheat Noodles

Dessert: Sweet Potato | Tamarind | Gula Melaka
Comment: Really enjoyed this dessert which is rich in sweet potato flavor with added fragrance of gula melaka.

[Date Visited: October 2020]- Taste of Beta Menu (RM128/pax)

Sourdough Bread with Butter

Winged Beans with Budu (fermented fish paste) and Anchovies
Comment: satisfying crunch at the first bite with light and crispy shell

Watermelon with Papaya and Kaffir Lime
Comment: Appetizing with sweet and sour taste

Inverted Karipap
Comment: The most visually appealing snacks with potato and curry filling

Clams with Ambarella, White Radish and Ulam Raja
Comment: Refreshing and zesty with sweet and sourness, served as an appetizer and a palate cleanser.

Prawn with Betel, Garum and Grains
Comment: Smoky, aromatic and flavorful fresh prawns

Comment: Each grain was perfectly cooked, flavored with a mild crunchy texture

Main- Duck with Buah Kulim Lempeng
Comment: The duck meat was tender and balanced with sweet and savory flavor

Main- Lawas Rice with Seafood and Bamboo Shoot
Comment: The best dish among all with super rich, flavorful lawas rice and perfectly grilled prawns and calamari

Chempedak with White Chocolate and Pahang Single Origin Chocolate

      Beta KL offers an exciting dining experience with wonderful local ingredients and beautiful presentation. If you are looking for an awe-inspiring journey, Beta is the right choice for you. It has a gorgeous bar for drinking session as well. This gorgeous place is perfect for dates, celebrations and group gatherings. 

Price: $$$
Food: 4/5
Service: 5/5
Website: WebsiteFacebook | Instagram
Menu: Menu
Cormar Suites, No. 10, Jalan Perak 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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