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     BreadFruits offers a wide range of healthy and wholesome dishes using the freshest ingredients. Creating simple and ultimately delicious meal that can be enjoyed by everyone! BreadFruits commits to offer 100% natural, full nutrients and a balanced diet in their menu . They serve all-natural, real ingredients and eliminate processed or canned food in the food that is prepared. Check out their Delivery Menu to order your perfect choice of brunch!

Smoked Salmon Breakfast Platter (RM33)- Avocado salad, scrambled egg, rocket & toast, served w/ coffee/tea & juice of the day
Comment: The smoked salmon has a distinctive smoky flavor and salty. I like the avocado salad that is appetizing and the scrambled egg that was perfectly cooked, runny, smooth and creamy, very good!

Hot Black Coffee

Juice of the day- Orange juice

Curry Cauliflower Rocket Salad (RM19)- Grilled curry turmeric mix spices seasoned cauliflower tossed with rocket leaf, drizzle with chimichurri pesto
Comment: Light and very appetizing fresh rocket salad with the spices and chimichurri pesto that they used.

Aglio Olio Pasta w Garden Herb Grilled Tiger Prawn (RM31)- Garlic herbs grilled tiger prawn served with lemon herbs aglio olio
Comment: Rich with olive oil, garlic and red pepper flakes, served with fresh tiger prawns

Prosciutto Wrapped Mushroom Chicken Risotto (RM28)- Cooked with chicken broth & mushroom top with grilled prosciutto chicken wrap
Comment: Sweet and salty dry-cured ham wrapping the chicken with mushroom stuff inside the chicken. The risotto is tasty, plump and al dente in the center.

Wild Honey Apple Pear Sakura Pork Loin Chop (RM34)- Grilled sakura pork loin served with pumpkin corn mash & honey glazed apple pear
Comment: Generous amount of thick slices of sakura pork loin chop, taste well after dipping into the wild honey apple pear sauce. This dish is slightly more on the sweet end with a pinch of savoury taste.

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