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     Boster Venture Sdn. Bhd. is the frozen pastry manufacturer based in Balakong, Malaysia. BV Pastry is the home brand that developed since the first MCOto cater for everyone. Their products range from butter croissant, danish, muffin and loaf. Most importantly, they provide delivery service to your doorstep. I had tried a variety of their signature pastries: Large Butter Croissants (RM29/10pcs), Mix Savoury Danish Set (RM32/10pcs), Mix Sweet Danish Set (RM32/10pcs) and Mix Mini Crofill Set (RM32/10pcs). Check out their menu below and pre-order your choice of pastries from BV Pastry!

Large Butter Croissants (RM29/10pcs)
Comment: Super huge size! Airy, light but crispy after baked in oven. Filling and satisfying!

Mix Mini Crofill Set (RM32/10pcs)- From top to bottom: Custard Cheese, Passion Fruit, Belgian Chocolate, Avocado and Mango Cheese

Mango Cheese
Comment: This is my top favorite crofill with generous mango cheese filling, very strong mango taste, love it!

Belgian Chocolate
Comment: Burst with melty, rich chocolate filling with mild sweetness, chocolate lovers sure love this!

Custard Cheese
Comment: Thick, creamy custard cheese filling, pretty good! I like the texture of the cream.

Passion Fruit
Comment: Sour, citrusy passion fruit taste, unique type of crofill.

Comment: Thick, creamy  avocado filling with a hint of sour taste.

Mix Savoury Danish Set (RM32/10pcs)- Mushroom Chicken, Black Pepper Chicken, Curry Potato, Sardine and Ikan Billis
Comment: Each of them is rich with fillings inside. My personal favorite is the Mushroom Chicken, Black Pepper Chicken (peppery taste) and Ikan Billis (with a hint of spiciness)

Mushroom Chicken
Comment: Generous filling, satisfying with such strong savory flavor.

Curry Potato
Comment: Savory with a hint of curry taste.

Mix Sweet Danish Set (RM32/10pcs)- Custard Raisin, Apple, Custard Lemon, Blueberry and Pain Au Choc
Comment: Apple, Blueberry and Pain Au Choc are rich with fillings inside. My personal favorite is the Blueberry!

Website: Facebook | Instagram 
Address: No.1, Jalan CJ16/1A, Cheras Jaya Industrial Park, Batu 9 43200 Cheras, Selangor, Selangor, Malaysia
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