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     Chimo7 Desserts was established out of the owner's immense passion for baking. After undergoing some trials and errors, the perfect recipe was developed that has garnered approvals from her family members and friends. In May 2021, she had decided to expand her business and launch her product to the public. The reason behind her business name is that in Mandarin, the number 7 is pronounced as "qi", in which when put together with "mo", they resemble the pronounciation of mochi (mo7). There are 3 flavors of snow mochi available: Matcha Mochi (RM24/6pcs), Oreo Mochi (RM21/6pcs) and Mango Mochi (RM21/6pcs). Pre-order your desserts via Chimo7 Instagram page in the link below!

Oreo Mochi (RM21/6pcs)

Oreo Mochi
Comment: Thin, soft skin loaded with much Oreo chunks and cream.

Mango Mochi (RM21/6pcs)

Mango Mochi
Comment: This is my favorite snow mochi with mango cubes and cream in it! The amount of mango cubes was quite generous.

Matcha Mochi (RM24/6pcs)

Matcha Mochi
Comment: Matcha cream with Oreo, burst with oreo filling in it! Oreo fan will definitely love this.

Niko Neko Matcha Mochi (Trial)
Comment: This matcha taste is slightly on the bitter end with a stronger matcha taste compared to the one above. Loaded with Oreo chunks.

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