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     Croisserie Artisan Bakery was established to bring the best handmade bread and pastries into households. Croisserie abides to only using the finest ingredients and Respectus Panis (with respect to bread) techniques. The wide variety of breads and pastries are baked on a daily basis, guaranteeing the freshness and authenticity of its products. Check out their Delivery Menu to pre-order your favorite pastries now! They can be sold out pretty quick! I had a cup of Flat White which is strong and aromatic!

[Date Visited: December 2021]

Croissant Au Beurre (RM5.50)

Brioche Feuilletee Chocolate (RM18)
Comment: Super chocolatey, lightly sweet, chocolate loves will love this!

Galette De Rois (RM20)
Comment: Delicious, fragrant almond flavor, lovely pastry

[Date Visited: August 2021]

Croissant Au Beurre (RM5.50)- 16 layers of uniquely flaky texture and pronounced fluffy butter mesh interior. Artisanally made over 4 days using French butter.
Comment: Insanely delicious croissant with aroma of French butter goodness. Light, crispy and flaky, so addictive!

Brioche Feuilletee Almond Orange (RM17)
Elegaant pastry with rich buttery flavour of a brioche combined with the flaky texture of a croissant. Topped with thick flaked almonds and sprinkles of snow powder; with fancy, delightful taste of their secret recipe of French almond cream and candied orange peels.

Chocolate Scone (RM5.50) and Matcha with Chocolate Scone (RM6.50)
Comment: Light, soft and a little crumbly in texture. The chocolate scone has generous amount of chocolate chunks in it. I prefer the Matcha with chocolate scone with a hint of Matcha flavor. However, I prefer a more buttery kind of scones.

Cream Tart (RM7.50)
Comment: Crème Brûlée with a tart twist. Pâte sucrée filled with incredibly smooth and velvety crème maison. Strongly recommend this because this is super on point!

Chocolate Canele (RM6.50)
Comment: Slightly crispy caramelized crust with moist, cakey interior. Chocolate flavor is acceptable for me.

Earl Grey Chocolate Passion (RM20)- Earl Grey Tea by P&T Cème au Chocolat, Feuillantine Pralinée, Ganache au Chocolat aux Fruits de la Passion, Biscuit Chocolat and Spray Velours au Beurre de Cacao Blanc
Comment: Love this fine dessert, very rich in earl grey flavor and chocolate as well, sweet and sour kind of dessert.

L'amour (RM18)- Biscuit Jaconde, 71% Dark Chocolate Mousse, Vanilla Creme, Raspberry Compote, Glacage Marron Chocolat.
Comment: Elegant, Sweet and sour kind of dessert with a citrus flavor. Rich in chocolate and raspberry flavor.

L'amour (RM18)- Biscuit Jaconde, 71% Dark Chocolate Mousse, Vanilla Creme, Raspberry Compote, Glacage Marron Chocolat.

Price: $
Food: 4/5

Service: No comment (MCO Takeaway)
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No. 14, Jalan Medan Setia 2, Plaza Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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