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     Dooran•Dooran has several orchards located all over Malaysia - including Titi, Raub, Pagoh and Asahan which are famous for durian harvesting. Their home-grown orchards are well-known for their guaranteed crop, with each tree receiving 30 years of careful cultivation by the owner. With 30 years of agrotech and experience, Dooran•Dooran serves only the best quality durian for you, handpicked only the exceptional Musang King in their home-grown orchard. At Dooran Dooran, they have durian experts to help you filter only the best durian pulps, packaged nicely and delivered directly from farm to doorstep. Guaranteed naturally grown, ripened and dropped off 30 year-old trees. Each order contains: Pulp from 4KG whole durian, freshly packed in 2 rustic boxes, approx. 850-900g. Do check out their website for the latest price. Currently, they are selling Premium Musang King and D24 Durians.

Pulp from 4KG whole durian, freshly packed in 2 rustic boxes, approx. 850-900g
Comment: Some are just sweet, some are sweet and slightly bitter. Smooth texture with plump and thick flesh. Get these fresh durians to satisfy your craving.

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  • 2 August 2021, 10:47pm

Bought 8 kg premium musang king from Dooran Dooran. They mixed with some D24. Last time buying from Dooran Dooran.