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Food credit: @dreamer_513999

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     D'reamer is an online bakery store that sells Snowflake Nougat. There are two flavors available: Matcha Snowflake Nougat (RM25/box) and KitKat Snowflake Nougat (RM25/box). You are able to mix both flavors in a box for the same price. The ingredients used in Matcha Snowflake Nougat are butter, milk powder, matcha powder, cocoa coconut clusters,biscuit and marshmallow. The ingredients used in KitKat Snowflake Nougat are butter, milk powder, cocoa powder, Kitkat, biscuits and marshmallow. Personally, I prefer the KitKat Snowflake Nougat with a rich chocolate taste and light crispy, chewy texture. Order from D'reamer 3 days in advance to get a free hand-drawn greetings card.

Matcha Snowflake Nougat (Photo credit
: @dreamer_513999)

KitKat Snowflake Nougat (Photo credit: @dreamer_513999)

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