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Eat and Cook (11 Course Journey)

Omakase Malaysian Cuisine Local flavors

[Date Visited: September 2021]

     Eat and Cook's philosophy stems from the Omakase tradition of giving the chef creative freedom on deciding your courses for you. Every dining experience is delightfully unpredictable and artfully prepared to engage all your senses. With the spotlight on fresh seasonal ingredients, they make magic out of inventive flavours with world-class ingredients from the heart of their homeland. They bring to the table local cuisine crafted with international standards for a sensational culinary journey that goes beyond just food. It is an emotional experience, one that also offers a glimpse into Malaysian heritage. Check out their latest Menu here. Reserve early to dine at The Stage to witness front and center the grace and precision of their chefs cooking at a mere 5 meters away from you. Indulge in the sights, sounds and smells before you sink your teeth into an experience so carefully crafted as a feast for both the eyes and the palate. This time, I had the 11 Course Journey Menu (RM398++/pax).

Amuse Bouche- Potato with coffee butter
Comment: A hint of aromatic coffee aroma

Amuse Bouche- Pumpkin skin and chicken skin with cencaluk
Comment: Natural sweet pumpkin flavor. I like the super crispy chicken skin that is just pure chicken skin without any batter. Cencaluk adds the extra flavor to make it super flavorful.

Ulam- Pucuk paku, coconut cloud, cucuk udang
Comment: My favourite dish because this is too good! Very unique dish and first time experiencing this kind of taste. Creamy and foamy coconut cloud with the fragrant crispy and tasty cucuk udang with white shrimps. After mixing it together, it becomes an extraordinary dish that is so rich in many layers of flavors, refreshing, juicy with a combination of sweet and sour flavors, especially I am a big fan of pucuk paku and coconut flavor.

Ulam- Pucuk paku, coconut cloud, cucuk udang

Crab & Tomato- Lemongrass, crab bisque, selasih
Comment: The food on the left side is panna cotta made of crab shell and tomato. Sweet and savoury with a light crab taste. The right side is like a spring roll filled with crab meat, crab roe and cheese.

Bread Platter- Buah kulim brioche, curry leaf focaccia, buah kulim butter and sambal butter
Comment: The brioche pairs well with the buah kulim butter, taste like garlic bread whereas curry leaf focaccia pairs well with the sambal butter that spreads a fragrant curry flavor.

Bread Platter- Buah kulim brioche, curry leaf focaccia, buah kulim butter (bottom) and sambal butter (top)

Fish- Carambola (star fruit), lemak beurre blanc
Comment: Aged ikan salai with a smoky flavor. Packed with local flavors. The chef re-cooked this dish for me twice as I found bones on my first dish, then second dish was ice cold. Satisfied with the 3rd dish. I accepted their mistakes as long as they replaced a new dish for me. Love their awesome service whereby they try to satisfy each and every customer.

Signature River Prawn- Prawn head curry, sweet potato, cheese
Comment: Love the prawn texture, soft, firm, chewy texture, not the mushy or rough type. Taste delicious after dipping into the prawn head curry. The right side is like a soft sweet potato ball with cheese cracker on top.

Signature River Prawn- Prawn head curry, sweet potato, cheese

Pantai Remis Tako- Tako gel, pepperonata, chimichurri using petai
Comment: I like the taste of the dish that is flavorful, savoury and sour but I does not appreciate the texture of the octopus that is rough like rubber.

Bow Zai Fan- Ikura, dragon tiger grouper, kailan, milk and salted fish sauce
Comment: Inititally, I find the taste of the rice normal but it taste better after mixing the sauce together which adds extra flavor to the dish.

Black-en Leek- Peanut relish, leek leaf puree
Comment: I like the nice charred taste of the leeks and leek skin with an extra crunch from the peanuts.

Main: Saddle of Lamb- Mui choi, kopi jus
Comment: Australian lamb strip loin and tenderloin parts. Very tender with a light tasty flavor on its own. Add the mui choi or kopi jus for an extra flavor. Pretty good dish. I am usually a fan of lamb saddle.

Main: 'FUZHOU' Aged Quail- Smoked quail leg, kulim aioli
Comment: Smoky flavor with sweet, savoury and a hint of sourness. Quail is tender as well. Quite good.

Main: 'FUZHOU' Aged Quail- Smoked quail leg, kulim aioli


Comment: Panipuri skin filled with a generous amount of cempedak filling that will just burst in your mouth and spread that strong, fragrant cempedak aroma. Awesome, love it!

Teh Tarik Ice Cream
Comment: Supposed to eat together with the cempedak to experience that burst of flavors. Super strong in teh tarik flavor, not overly sweet. Delicious ice cream!

Mignardise- Sweets Selections: Banana Madeleine, Century Egg Kaya Cream Puff and Chocolate Truffle
Comment: Banana madeleine is normal, century egg kaya cream puff is alright with its unique filling. Chocolate truffle is too bitter for me to end the course with. Prefer something light and sweet.

     I did enjoyed my first dining experience in Eat and Cook. Fun and interesting with all sorts of unique, extraordinary and eye-opening dishes that uses fresh ingredients from Malaysia. Strongly recommending this place for couples, feel safe to dine here as they install a transparent barrier in between each seats. Appreciate the great services offered by the chefs and staffs. The chefs would explain each and every dishes to each group of customers so that we fully understand what we are putting into our mouth. Looking forward to their new menu!

Price: $$$$$
Food: 4/5
Service: 5/5
Website: Website | Facebook | Instagram
Menu: Menu
H-6-1 Pusat Perdagangan Bandar Bukit Jalil, Persiaran Jalil 1, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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