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    Eggie蛋蛋 is an online sandwich shop that sells homemade sandwiches. They currently provide sandwiches, croissants and mini apple pies for their customers through delivery services only. Also, they bake their homemade milk loaf daily that is used to make the sandwiches and the other ingredients are freshly prepared daily as well. They are very thoughtful in their packaging and the ingredients they used to satisfy each and every customer. I am pretty sure the owner has done a lot of research in making the best quality sandwiches because it taste so good and I am amused with it. Do check out their Menu to pre-order your sandwiches!

Cute packaging

Otak-Otak (RM10.50)- Otak-otak, kampung egg, cheese, mayo, chives, cabbage.
Comment: I really like this combination with a spicy kick as I am a huge fan of otak-otak. Loved how they perfectly executed the kampung egg, so creamy and rich in flavor. Egg is one of my favorite egg, so I take my egg very seriously but they cooked it so well and I am totally amused with it. The milk loaf was thick, soft and fluffy, it makes this sandwich really filling for one person plus it is loaded with ingredients, especially with cabbage underneath.

Bacon & Cheese (RM11)- Bacon, peanut butter, cheese, kampung egg, mayo, chives, cabbage
Comment: Basically the description of the sandwich is the same as what I had mentioned above, just with different kind of topping. This is more rich in flavor as it has the salty taste from the bacon and peanut butter nutty flavor.

Miso Chicken (RM14)- Marinated chicken thigh, cucumber, cheese, kampung egg, homemade sauce, chives, cabbage
Comment: This is suitable for those who prefer to eat meat along with the sandwich. The chicken was tender and savoury. Paired really well with the kampung egg, really good!

Cheese & Ham (RM9.50)- Chicken ham, cheese, kampung egg, homemade sauce, chives, cabbage
Comment: A classic version of sandwich with ham and cheese, other than the signature kampung egg. You should go for this if you prefer something original.

Taro Croissant (RM9)
Comment: This is so so so good! As a fan of taro, you must order this! As you can see, the taro topping is so thick and generous, you could just load your mouth with this sweet fragrant taro filling.

Peanut Butter Croissant (RM7)
Comment: Very generous amount of peanut butter topping, suitable for peanut butter lovers who love this rich nutty, sweet and salty peanut butter flavor.

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