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Feng Wang Fu Hotpot

Hot Pot Cheng Du Hot Pot Mala Hot Pot

[Date Visited: August 2021]

     Feng Wang Fu Hotpot originated during the Guangxu period. The King's chef, Feng returned to his hometown and saw the prosperous hotpot scene in Chengdu market. He tasted it and discovered that the taste was flavoursome. With that in mind, Feng used his cooking techniques he had acquired throughout his tenure in the palace to innovate and improve what he tasted in the local market. Decades later, Feng's disciple and his descendants decided to open a hotpot restaurant, the restaurant was named Feng Wang Fu. Check out their Menu!

Trio Pot- Signature Spicy Mala Soup (RM17.90), Vitamin C Tomato Soup (RM11.90) and Beauty Collagen Bone Soup (RM11.90)
Comment: My favorite soup is the tomato soup which is very rich, sweet and savoury, 100% on point! Strongly recommend the tomato soup. Bone soup initially taste normal but taste better after putting more ingredients. Surprisingly, I find their signature mala soup not spicy and numb to me, it is not fragrant either. The mala taste is very mild for me, quite disappointed with it.

Condiments with Tea (RM6/pax)

Crispy Pork (RM18)
Comment: A must order snack! Crispy and crunchy, real addictive.

Handmade Bamboo Shrimp Paste (RM38/whole)
Comment: A must order item if you ask me. Super fresh shrimp paste with sweet shrimp taste. Soft chewy texture.

Pork Belly Slice (RM14/half)
Comment: A must order item as well! Perfect thickness for hotpot!

Snowflake Pork Slice (RM12/half)
Comment: I prefer the pork belly over this because of the fats that give that extra texture.

Inner Mongolia Lamb Slice (RM16/half)
Comment: Taste better with the Mala soup.

Sliced Toman Fish (RM19/half)

Handmade Rose Pork Meatball (RM12/half)
Comment: Love the chewy texture of this meatball

Taiwan Fish Ball (RM9/half)
Comment: Super bouncy

HK Beancurd Roll (RM13/half) and Handmade Noodle (RM5.50)

Enoki Mushroom (RM6/half), Baby Cabbage (RM7/half) and Lettuce (RM5/half)

     Overall, I think FWF Hotpot is a great hotpot place for fresh hotpot ingredients, nice hotpot soup and superb service. It has a nice traditional ambience, great for photography session.

Price: $$
Food: 4/5
Service: 5/5
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FWF Fahrenheit, C1213-G, KL PLAZA, JALAN BUKIT BINTANG55100 Pantai Valley, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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