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Foo Hing Dim Sum Taipan USJ/Puchong

Dim Sum Non-Halal MCO Takeaway

[Date Visited: February 2021]

     Foo Hing Dim Sum was first opened in Bandar Puteri, Puchong. On December 2020, Foo Hing opened its second branch in Taipan USJ, Subang Jaya. It has been a very popular dim sum restaurant to go to for anyone who craves for dim sum. It is usually crowded on the weekends, people usually queue to grab a seat to enjoy a good dim sum brunch. Today, I had decided to try out their second branch in Taipan USJ.

Steamed Fresh Scallop Dumpling (RM7)

Steamed "Har Gao" Dumpling (RM6)

Steamed "Siew Mai" (RM6)

Pork Balls w/Crab (RM6)
Comment: too salty for me but juicy pork meat.

Steamed Golden Paste w/Custard Bun (RM6)

Steamed Glutinous Rice (RM6)

Special 'Cheong Fun' with Prawn and BBQ Pork (RM6.50)

Baked BBQ Puff w/Meat Floss Pastries (RM8)
Comment: My favorite one among all. Loved the buttery and flaky puff with savory bbq pork.

Osmanthus Flower Pudding (RM4)
Comment: Cooling and pretty dessert with aromatic scented flavor

[Date Visited: July 2021]

Takeaway: Siew Mai (RM6), Har Gao (RM6), Fried Fish Ball (RM6), Foong Hwang Mai (RM6), Fried Crispy Yam (RM7), BBQ Meat Floss Puff (RM8), Glutinous Rice Ball (RM6.50), BBQ Bun (RM2.70/pc), Portugese Egg Tart (RM2.70/pc)

Glutinous Rice Ball (RM6.50)
Comment: Soft chewy glutinous rice exterior with savoury pork filling

Fried Crispy Yam (RM7)

Portugese Egg Tart (RM2.70/pc)

[Date Visited for Puchong Branch: July 2021]

Takeaway from Puchong Branch
Comment: Quality is still good! I love the Fried Fish Ball (huge & juicy), Steamed Foong Hwang Mai, Portugese Egg Tart (crispy puff pastry with fragrant smooth egg custard) and Baked BBQ Puff w/ Meat Floss Pastries.

Portugese Egg Tart (RM2.70/pc)

Osmanthus Pudding (RM4)

Photo credit: @foohingdimsumtaipanusj

Photo credit: @foohingdimsumtaipanusj

Photo credit: @foohingdimsumtaipanusj

Photo credit: @foohingdimsumtaipanusj

Photo credit: @foohingdimsumtaipanusj

Photo credit: @foohingdimsumtaipanusj

Photo credit: @foohingdimsumtaipanusj

Photo credit: @foohingdimsumtaipanusj 

     The steamed dim sum here were pretty decent. The taste was okay, some prawns were quite fresh and the size of the dim sum was acceptable. Not the best dim sum restaurant for me because I had better ones in another place but I will definitely be visiting again.

Price: $$
Food: 3/5
Service: 4.5/5
Website: Facebook (USJ)Facebook (Puchong)
Menu: PM their FB for menu
No. 1A, 2A & 3A, Jalan USJ 10/1h, 47610 Subang Jaya, Selangor
No. 31, 33, 35-G, 35-1,Jalan Puteri 2/6,Bandar Puteri 47100 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia

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Vermilion S
  • 2 June 2022, 12:03pm

Thank you very much for such a detailed entry. I am eager to try this place on the weekend.

All-in-all, perhaps you could update the hyperlink for the Menu and Delivery Menu, it appears the content has been removed by the FB owner.