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Photo credit: @Foodpalettebakery

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     Food Palette is a bagel shop that sells handmade bagels and pastries. Their signature handmade bagels are low suagr, low sodium, oil-free, preservative-free, additive-free and has no artificial food coloring. I tried their Pastel Set (RM26)- 4 bagel flavors: Matcha, Pumpkin, Dragonfruit and Butterfly Pea Flower, comes along with 4 different types of cream cheese: Original, Matcha, Strawberry and Cinnamon Sugar. They also have Blueberry Cream Cheese but you only get to choose 4 flavors. As a fan of bagels, I really loved the texture of their bagels after I heat it in the oven. It was soft in the middle and crispy on the outside.

Pastel Set (RM26)

Top Left to Bottom Right: Dragonfruit, Pumpkin, Butterfly Pea Flower and Matcha 

Top Left to Bottom Right: Original, Strawberry, Matcha and Cinnamon Sugar
Comment: My top favorite choice was the strawberry cream cheese because I prefer fruity taste. Matched really well with all the bagels.

   Also, I am going to share with you about their delicate Chinese New Year Gift Set (RM48.80) that includes Matcha, Chocolate X Almond, Original X Cranberry & Sweet Potato X Cranberry Nougat Biscuits, Antioxidant Rose Tea and Diet Crysanthemum Tea with FREE delivery within Peninsular Malaysia. You can see that they are generous with the nougat filling. Personally, Matcha and Sweet Potato X Cranberry Nougat Biscuits are my favorite ones. Kids will definitely love these nougat biscuits!

Matcha Nougat Biscuit

Sweet Potato and Cranberry Nougat Biscuit

Chocolate and Almond Nougat Biscuit
Original and Cranberry Nougat Biscuit

Photo credit: @Foodpalettebakery

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