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[Date Visited: March 2021]

     Gooddam is an Italian restaurant that serves Modern Italian cuisine, run by a team of young chefs. The menu at Gooddam is a welcome for customers seeking more adventures in an Italian restaurant. It is a semi fine-dining concept whereby Chef Daniel brought to us fine-touched Italian cuisine, whilst using as much as possible locally sourced high-quality ingredients. Gooddam offers 3 Course Dinner Menu (RM159+/pax) or 4 Course Dinner Menu (RM189+/pax). Besides, they have Weekend Lunch Set Menu (RM99+/pax or RM119+/pax). We opt for the 4 Course Dinner Menu.

Ciabatta & Ardoino Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Comment: The texture was slightly harder, preferred it with salted butter

Welcome Snack Skipjack Tuna Mousse with Polenta Cracker

Starter- Cold Smoked Scallop, Ajvar & Cashew Coconut Milk
Comment: Interesting combination of fresh scallops with coconut milk that enhanced the sweet taste

Starter- Flan & Caviar, Warm Clam Broth & Speck Ham
Comment: This dish was normal to me, nothing to shout about

Primi- Black Truffle Risotto, Pancetta Tesa S'Orso & Peas (+RM30)
Comment:: Risotto was quite plain on its own, black truffle taste wasn't that strong, only tasted better after mixing all together

Primi- Duck Sacchetti Pasta, Tomato Passata & Vin Cotto
Comment: Similar to ravioli, taste quite good with the tomato passata but the duck taste was mild.

Main- Aged Pigeon, Sarawak Pepper & Berry Jus, Mushroom & Cordyceps
Comment: It was so tender and flavorful, already tasted good on its own because it was aged. Gotta try this main dish!

Main- Lamb Saddle, Black Garlic Pesto, Eggplant 'Parmigiana' (+RM30)
Comment: Tender with slight chewy texture, matched well with the sauce that enhanced its flavor.

Dessert- Gooddam Tiramisu & Espresso Snow
Comment: Gotta say this is the best Tiramisu I've ever had. So rich and creamy, delicious!

Dessert- 'Apple Strudel', Caramelized Apple Ice Cream, Rum & Raisin, Thyme Oil
Comment: Caramelized apple ice cream was delicious with rum & raisin, slightly sweet with slight bitter aftertaste. They nailed the desserts.

     Overall, I was satisfied with the course dinner menu. Gooddam nailed the mains and desserts perfectly. Looking forward to try out their new menu. It is suitable for group gatherings, family dinner and dates. Check out their menu in the link below!

Price: $$$
Food: 3.5/5
Service: 4/5
Website: Website | Facebook | Instagram
Menu: Menu
Address:B-G-07 The Hub SS2, 19 Sentral, Jalan Harapan, Seksyen 19 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

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