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[Date Visited: September 2021]

     Joloko is a cozy tropical hangout set up in a little yellow heritage house. It is a blend of comfort, design and a whole lot of crazy. They've got a delicious selection of spicy carribean style bbq from the grill, enough mezcal and tequila, all sorts of natural wines and cocktails that will make you feel the ocean breeze. Check out their Menu here. Be sure to reserve your table early to avoid disappointment!

Woulinewa 2.0 (RM38)- Gin, coconut oil, fino sherry, white cacao liquer, lychee, fresh lime, roasted coconut water.
Comment: Sweet-looking, elegant cocktail that taste like yoghurt for the first sip, the coconut flavor slowly kicks in. Lovely sweet, fruity and delicious cocktail.

Paloma Faith (RM40)- Tequila, grapefruit soda, blackberry liqueur, fresh mint & lime
Comment: Not my kind of cocktail. Taste off for me but my friend likes it.

Sunset Survival (RM42)- Aperol, strawberry, mint, cucumber, orange, soda and prosecco
Comment: Taste like apple cider, refreshing, fruity and citrusy. Very easy to drink.

Walnut hummus, pomegranate, parsley bread and dips (RM25)
Comment: Thick texture with nutty and rich flavor, with a natural sweetness that comes from the pomegranate. Walnut adds crunchiness to the texture. Paired well with the bread.

Guava glazed prawn tostadas (RM38)
Comment: Crunchy fried corn tortilla with fresh prawns that are rich in flavor and avocado sauce adds another layer of flavor to it. Perfect appetizer to start with.

Pork Carnitas (RM32)
Comment: Taste like curry mutton. Quite spicy but it is acceptable for me. Super rich in flavor and bursting with fragrant spices.

Jamaican jerk chicken with mango relish 750g (RM68)
Comment: 4 huge pieces of chicken that are super tender and well marinated. The chicken is already tasty and flavorful on its own, but do add the dipping sauce for a more bursting flavor and spiciness. Love this dish so much! I get it why this is their signature dish. Mango cubes taste sweet as well. Satisfying and filling! Strongly recommend this! Perfect for sharing.

     Joloko is a restaurant and bar with a cool vibe, suitable for young adults to gather together for good food and not to forget their signature cocktails and insane mezcal selection.

Price: $$
Food: 4/5
Service: 5/5
Website: Website | Facebook | Instagram
Menu: Menu
43 Jalan Kamunting 50300 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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