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Little Heritage House

Peranakan Cuisine Penang Nyonya Cuisine

[Date Visited: March 2022]

     Little Heritage House's vision is to preserve the heritage of the bygone Peranakan culture, carry on the tradition and value of their fore forefathers and to bring Penang Nyonya fine cuisine to greater heights and internationally acclaimed! They use only the finest and freshness of ingredients in preparing all our dishes, no MSG or other harmful preservatives. Also, they maintain the tedious procedure and tradition of preparation to ensure the authenticity of Penang Nyonya Cuisine. Peranakan Food or Nyonya Cuisine is a combination of Chinese, Malay and other influences into a unique blend and taste. Nice and comfy ambience to dine with family and friends.

Cucur Udang (RM18)- Deep fried prawn in flour paste. Garnish with salad.
Comment: Crispy exterior with soft and fluffy interior. Pretty filling.

Telur Belanda (RM19)- Bull eye eggs in sweet sour sauce w onions.
Comment: Sweet and sour flavor.

Curry Kapitan (RM29)- Kafir lime leaves and coconut milk are the key ingredient for this mild curry
Comment: Rich, fragrant aroma, goes really well with white rice.

Assam Tumis Stingray (RM39)
Comment: Sourish hot taste, rich, fragrant and flavorful.

Sambal Fried Paku (RM25)
Comment: My favorite paku dish! Love it!

Price: $$
Food: 4/5
Service: 4/5
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Address:No 23, Jalan 17/56 46400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

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