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[Merry Ice Cream Review]

     Merry Ice Cream's mission is to create joyful moment for the kid in you, whereas becoming the most outstanding ice cream brand in Southeast Asia is their vision! Merry Ice Cream is made using high quality ingredients, unique and local inspired flavors, no preservative added, alcohol free, meat free and freshness guaranteed as they produce batch by batch. Merry Sorbet is made from natural and fresh ingredients, dairy free, meat free, alcohol free, no preservative added, low fat/fat free. There is a variety of flavors for you to choose from in their menu. I had tried their signature flavors: Salted Egg Oreo (RM29.90), Tau Fu Fah (RM29.90) and Tiramisu (RM29.90). Click the menu link below to order your desired ice cream! Good News: First time buyer is able to get 10% off from your order!

Salted Egg Oreo (RM29.90)
Comment: My favorite ice cream with super rich fragrant salted egg taste with crushed Oreo Cookies. Surprisingly taste super delicious with a perfect balance of savoury taste and sweetness! Oreo cookies add extra crunch to this creamy ice cream. Strongly recommend you to try this flavor!

Tiramisu (RM29.90)
Comment: Very strong and aromatic coffee flavor with dark chocolate and lady finger. Non-sweet with a slight bitterness. Coffee lovers will love this!

Tau Fu Fah (RM29.90)
Comment: Fragrant soymilk flavor with a blend of Gula Melaka to add that fragrance, creamy and smooth with mild sweetness.

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