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Min Cha Guan

Bubble Tea Fruit Tea Chinese Tea

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     Min Cha Guan is a new established bubble tea shop, started to operate since March 2021. Most of the ingredients of the bubble tea are imported from China. They brew fresh aromatic milk tea to satisfy your craving for a perfect cup of delicious drink! I had tried all of their 5 signature beverages and I like all of them: Passion fruit + Pineapple Drink (RM10.90), Citrus Drink (RM10.90), Salted Caramel Milk Tea (RM12.90), Oolong Milk Tea (RM12.90) and Taro Milk (RM15.90). Check out their menu in the link below and order your choice of drink now!

Oolong Milk Tea with Bubbles (RM12.90)
Comment: Aromatic with a hint of oolong tea flavor, the kind of milk tea to go for if you prefer less sweet with chinese tea scent.

Salted Caramel Milk Tea with Milk Foam (RM12.90)
Comment: Mild sweetness and salty taste, milky with the extra milk foam.

Taro Milk (RM15.90)
Comment: Seriously good if you are a fan of Taro Milk! You could eat the pure taro chunks in it which taste pleasant and give a natural sweetness to it. The milk they used is definitely premium quality fresh milk!

Passion fruit + Pineapple Drink with Coconut Jelly (RM10.90)
Comment: This is my no.1 choice among all! Super aromatic and strong chinese tea flavor with natural sweetness that comes from the pineapple. So much passion fruit and pineapple chunks in it. You get both delicious drink and fruits in one cup with such affordable price!

Citrus Drink with Jelly Ball (RM10.90)
Comment: Refreshing, citrusy fruit tea with the orange and strawberry in it. Boost your immune system with this healthy drink loaded with Vitamin C!

Website: Facebook | Instagram 
Menu: Menu
Setiawalk B-G-3A,Ground Floor,Unit 3A Persiaran Wawasan,Pusat Bandar Puchong 47160 Puchong

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