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Mobster Lobster by Mad Chef

Lobster Roll Seafood Pickup/Delivery

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     Mobster Lobster was established one year ago by the Mad Chef which is also a head chef at The Red Beanbag. He used brioche rolls to match with the fresh lobsters. I am lucky to try out their signature lobster rolls: Classic Lobster Roll (RM93), The Original Lobster Roll (RM91) and Sambal Lobster Roll (RM101). Enjoy succulent lobster chunks in the comfort of your home during this MCO by placing your order via their FB/Instagram page.

Classic Lobster Roll (RM93)- Lobster meat lightly tossed with homemade mayonaisse and just enough celery and scallion for texture. Served cold on a hot toasted brioche bun.
Comment: Mildly sweet lobster meat with an extra creamy texture from the mayo. Love the toasted brioche bun that adds an extra flavor and crunchiness.

The Original Lobster Roll (RM91)- Lobster meat served in drawn butter with a toasted brioche bun
Comment: The lobster roll to go for if you are seeking for an original taste of the lobster meat, firm and chewy in texture.

Sambal Lobster Roll (RM101)- Lobster meat tossed with ML's signature sambal sauce and served on a hot toasted brioche bun
Comment: This is my favorite lobster roll with the tasty, sweet and spicy signature sambal sauce. You will love this if you prefer a stronger flavor.

Website: Facebook | Instagram 
Menu: Check out their Instagram for the menu

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