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     Nadodi KL is serving Nomadic Cuisine analogous to the ever evolving food of the nomadic cultures following a trail of footsteps through the southern lands of the Indian sub-continent. Nadodi presents their guests with creative flair and the benefit of modern techniques on a tantalizing journey that honors nomadic ancestors yet forges a new path forward. Nadodi KL serves refined cuisine by scouring the markets and kitchens of Sri Lanka and Southern India. It is best not to miss this place for foodies who love to experience unique uncommon food, be prepared to be amused by every dish.

[Date Visited: December 2021]- The Elevated Experience Menu (RM930+/pax) with Wine Pairing

G.H.Mumm Champagne

Nadodi Trio- Masala Thosai
Comment: My favorite, full of spices! Flavorful snack to start with.

Nadodi Trio- Keerai- Avocado Taco
Comment: Super vegetarian style, rich in avocado, unlike the usual taco

Nadodi Trio- Avial Sphere
Comment: Mild beetroot flavor

Pinot Grigio White Wine
Comment: Light, refreshing white wine

Irish Oyster with Curry
Comment: Not mentioned in the menu. Goes really well with the white wine ,enhances the aroma even more

Lobster Loves Curry- Maine Lobster, New Zealand Surf Clams & Kaju Curry, Black Garlic, Red Pepper & Truffle.
Comment: Curry is rich, packed with spices and flavors. A little small in portion but overall it tastes really awesome, texture is great as well.

Chicken Rasam
Comment: Complimentary by the chef. Light with balanced combination of savoury and sour flavors. Chicken meat in noodles form.

Pinot Noir

The Pickled Lamb- Fire cooked pickled lamb, beluga lentils, highland pumpkin pure
Comment: Pretty small in portion. No doubt the taste is rich, lamb meat is tender.

Hokkaido Scallop
Comment: Fresh, nicely done. Pairs well with the sauce as well.

Nadodi Signature- Nadodi Country Chicken Biryani, Salna, Yacon & Mint Raita
Comment: My favorite dish as usual! Can't miss this chicken biryani, so fragrant and packed with flavors! Delicious!


Salted Caramel Ice Cream, Mixed Berries Jam, Hazelnut Soil Chocolate
Comment: Taste alright but nothing to shout about.

     Overall, it is a different experience compared to the first experience. There are certain items that I prefer in this menu but there are also some that I preferred in the last menu.

[Date Visited: February 2021]- Nadodi Experience (RM520++/pax).

Ginger Root Cocktail (RM55)
Comment: Sweet and refreshing with a tiny hint of alcohol, perfect for ladies

Nadodi Trio- Beet Burger, Rojak Tart and Curry Leaf Achu Murukku
Comment: My favorite one was the Beet Burger

Jackfruit Seed Vadai
Comment: Very good with burst of flavors

Masala Dosa

King Crab Sukka Panniyaram

Shell Out- Hokkaido Scallops and Turmeric Coconut Brule
Comment: Extremely good, the fresh scallop paired well with the spices

Berry Special- Summer Berries Sorbet, Amaou Ichigo (Japanese Strawberry) & Tonka Bean Yoghurt

I Am So Prawny- Ama Ebi Bajji, Spiced Potatoes and Yuzu Kosho Chutney
Comment: This was one of my favorite dishes, taste so delicious with the dipping Yuzu Kosho Chutney

A closer look into this delicious Yuzu Kosho Chutney

Shima Aji- Striped Jack, Black Nightshade Kuzhambu, Shallots and Sesame

Creamy Country Chicken Rasam
Comment: Extremely flavorful and rich, made me craving for more

Foie Gras Ganache Brioche
Comment: My first time having Foie Gras Ganache with Caviar, very delicate combination

The Aged Duck- Koji Aged Spiced Duck, Dried Plum, Madras Paya and Wilted Swiss Chard
Comment: Smoky, tasty duck meat with crispy skin, already tasted good on its own.

Nadodi Globe- Nadodi Chicken Biryani, Salna and Yacon Raita
Comment: Loved the aromatic, savoury biryani that was rich in flavor

Choc It Out- Temuan Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Coffee, Pecan Nut and Almond Praline.
Comment: Really enjoyed this dessert, perfect combination of rich, mild sweet chocolate with salted caramel and coffee. I was feeling full but this dessert was too good to be missed.

Edible Tangerine and Strawberry Butterflies
Comment: Creative dessert, a way to impress your lady

Complimentary Snacks

     Nadodi managed to impress me with all their dishes. Beautiful presentation and amazing flavors in every dish. If you are looking to experience something new, Nadodi is definitely a good choice for you. Nadodi is a quiet and fancy dining spot for couples and celebrations. Do check out the menu in the link below!

Price: $$$$
Food: 4/5
Service: 5/5
Website: WebsiteFacebook | Instagram
Menu: Menu
#183, 1st Floor, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, Mayang 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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