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Natalina- Italian Kitchen

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[6th Visit: June 2022]

     Natalina- Italian Kitchen was opened under the umbrella of Cinnamon Group, led by Chef Diego Reali, a third-generation Chef from Rome, Italy. Natalina aims to take you on a journey through the heartland of italy, where Roman cuisine is blessed with a modern touch. Chef Diego has taken inspiration from the recipes his mother cooked at home and bring it to KL. The menu is Roman-inspired, innovative Italian. The specialty is meat and fish cooked on a coal-fired Josper grill.

Complimentary house-baked foccacia- served with a trio of dips: parsley-based salsa verde, black olives paste and tomato paste
Comment: Delicious, went well with the dips

Flat White

Bellini (RM38)- Peach Puree, Cinzano Prosecco
Comment: Suitable for ladies,  average sweetness with sparkling wine

Montepulciano Red Wine (RM175)
Comment: This Italy Red Wine is very smooth and easy to drink, medium-bodied and flavorful. Suitable for ladies.

Special Item- Fresh Oysters (RM13/pc)
Comment: Plump, juicy, extremely fresh, very good.

Tartare Di Tonno E Salmone (RM58)- Tuna & salmon tartare with evo dressing, avocado cream, pink peppercorn, salmon roe & crostini bread.
Comment: Light and fresh tuna and salmon. Avocado cream enhanced the flavor. Pretty good!

Prosciutto E Melone (RM45)- Rock melon wrapped with cecina beef ham served with rocket salad in balsamic dressing
Comment: Very interesting antipasti, loved the sweet and savory combination of rock melon and ham

Frittura Di Mare (RM58)- Fresh tiger prawns and deep-fried calamari served with tartare sauce
Comment: This dish was okay, suitable for deep fried lovers

Burrata (RM52)- Freshly imported burrata served with tomato confit and wild rocket salad
Comment: The best antipasti I had, this was so delicious with only 3 ingredients that matched so well together. Strongly recommend this. Tomatoes are sweet! I had this for 3 times!

Brodetto Di Mare (RM52)- Seafood soup with prawns, squid, mussels and clams served with sourdough toasted bread
Comment: One of the best seafood soup I had, this was so flavorful and rich with seafood, a must-order item in the menu if you are a soup lover!

Minestrone (RM38)- Italian farmers soup cooked slowly with fresh vegetables
Comment: Rich, creamy and savoury but a little salty for me.

Burrata (RM68)- Burrata cheese,turkey ham, rocket salad & parmesan shavings
Comment: Super huge, perfect for sharing, rich in ingredients and cheese!

Capricciosa (RM53)- Artichokes, black olives, mushrooms, turkey ham and egg yolk with tomato sauce and mozzarella
Comment: Generous ingredients with chewy crust, not my top favorite pizza but it was acceptable

Tagliolini All' Aragosta (RM540/900gm)- Homemade tagliolini pasta cooked al-dente with bisque and live Boston lobster.
Comment: The most delicious pasta I've ever had! Super rich in flavor, love the bisque, each pasta is coated with it! Lobster is fresh, perfect combo with the pasta.

Seafood Risotto (RM80)
Comment: Plump and al dente, creamy, rich and flavorful

Ravioli Ricotta E Spinaci (RM62)- Ravioli stuffed w spinach and ricotta cooked in sage butter sauce, finished with truffle pecorino
Comment: Extremely rich, creamy and flavorful, love the generous amount of spinach and ricotta fillings, taste so good! Filling and super satisfying.

Ravioli Ricotta E Spinaci (RM62)- Ravioli stuffed w spinach and ricotta cooked in sage butter sauce, finished with truffle pecorino

Fetuccine Ai Porcini (RM62)- Pasta "ribbons" sauteed with porcini mushrooms, truffle paste & Roman pecorino
Comment: Contains wine. Creamy, rich and very flavorful. Pasta is al-dente. Mushroom and pecorino taste are overpowering.

Paccheri Amatriciana (RM58)- Tubes of pasta cooked al dente and served with slow-cooked smoked duck bacon in a lightly spiced tomato sauce, garnished with Roman pecorino cheese
Comment: This is one of their best-seller pasta, I am not really a fan of this tube pasta and the texture of the duck bacon which is dry but I like the rich flavor of tomato sauce with cheese.

Rigatoni Alla Norcina (RM55)- Rigatoni cooked with lamb mince, button mushrooms, and green peas in creamy sauce, topped with grated Roman pecorino cheese
Comment: I preferred this over the one above. Rigatoni's texture suits me better, fell in love with the combination of lamb mince and rich creamy taste that made this dish extremely flavorful

Ravioli Al Nero Di Seppia (RM65)- 'Envelopes' of pasta stuffed with prawns and squid cooked in marinara sauce.
Comment: Super flavorful and rich savoury taste. Raviolis are stuffed with filling and paired with loads of prawns and squid cubes. There are 4 raviolis in total. My preference is still the two pastas above.

Ravioli Al Nero Di Seppia (RM65)- 'Envelopes' of pasta stuffed with prawns and squid cooked in marinara sauce.

Pescato Del Giorno (Market Price) Whole wild baby fish caught daily and cooked over Josper Grill
Comment: Tender, firm, perfectly executed, lovely dish.

Extra wedges that comes with the fish

Baccalo Con Risotto Burro E Parmiggiano (RM130)- Cod fish baked in the Josper oven, served with parmesan and butter risotto, caramelised onion and aged balsamic vinegar.
Comment: This is so delicious, taste and texture are perfectly executed! Strongly recommend this! Cod fish is buttery, soft, smooth and tender, super fresh! Risotto is al-dente, tasty, savoury with slight tangy flavor.

Tagliata Di Manzo MB7 (RM170/200g)- Wagyu striploin served with your choice of rocket salad with aged balsamic vinegar or creamy wild mushroom ragu
Comment: No comment as I am not a beef eater.

Polpo Grigliato (RM135)- Octopus leg grilled in Josper oven, served with garlic puree, cherry tomato confit, tapenade and paprika oil
Comment: Fresh and chewy octopus leg, goes well with the puree

Filetto D'Agnello (RM125)- Josper-grilled lamb loin served with truffle chick pea puree, grilled asparagus, and sauteed mushrooms, topped with jus reduction
Comment: Medium rare lamb loin, super tender, appetizing with the truffle puree, this dish was so good, a must-order dish for lamb lovers!

Comment: My second time ordering this. Taste is consistent but less tender compared to the first time I had it.

Filetto Di Dentice (RM78)- Malabar snapper fillet served with smoked cauliflower puree, fava beans and porcini mushrooms
Comment: Very crispy skin with soft fish texture in the middle, very interesting way of cooking

Australian Wagyu Rib-Eye 500g (RM500)
No comment because I don't eat beef but I heard good comments about this one

Crostata Con Crema Di Pistacchio (RM45)- Traditional Italian pie with cheese filling & pistachio cream paste served with toasted pistachios & pistachio ice cream with a touch of truffle
Comment: Pistachio ice cream is nice but I find the pie overly sweet for me

Cannoli Siciliana (RM39)- Tube-shaped shells of fried pastry dough, filled with ricotta cheese, chocolate chips & citrus flavor
Comment: Find the shells too thick and hard for me.

Classic Traditional Tiramisu (RM42)
Comment: No doubt this was the best Tiramisu I had in Klang Valley so far. Moist, creamy and perfecto!

Tortino Di Cioccolato (RM42)- Chocolate lava cake served with pistachio ice cream
Comment: Rich chocolate, texture was great but it was a little too sweet for me

Semifreddo Al Limone (RM39)- Semi-frozen lemon parfait served with almond crumble, lemon sphere, lemon gel and dehydrated lemon
Comment: Taste like lemon ice cream

Creme Brulee (RM39)- Vanilla custard topped with brown sugar
Comment: Delicious smooth and creamy vanilla custard. Very fragrant and sweet.

     If you are craving for a good Italian cuisine, you should impress your loved ones by bringing them to Natalina. Natalina is suitable for couples, family and even friends gathering. They have a private room with minimum spend of RM1500. It is usually full house every day, even on weekdays. Be sure to reserve early for your table. 

Price: $$
Food: 4.5/5
Service: 5/5
Website: Website | Facebook | Instagram
Menu: Menu
Address:Avenue K, Lot 06 - Level 03, 156, Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur

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