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Niko Neko Matcha

Matcha Matcha Latte Desserts

[Date Visited: August 2021]

    Niko Neko Matcha is a Contemporary Artisan Matcha brand that focuses on premium-quality Matcha, showcased with their very own aesthetic touch of modern minimalist concept, which describes the state-of-the-art lifestyle, whilst preserving the vital traditional elements of Matcha nature. Most of the cafes in Klang Valley are using Niko Neko Matcha powder to brew their own version of Matcha Latte and create recipes of different type of desserts. Check out their Menu for some authentic Matcha goodness!

Ren Matcha Latte w/o sugar (RM16)
Comment: The best matcha latte I've ever had! Super rich and thick matcha flavor, smooth and creamy, super high umami savoriness and clean aftertaste. This is so addictive, I think I can have this every day!

Kiku Matcha Latte, less sweet (RM12)
Comment: This is really good as well, matcha taste isn't that strong compared to Ren but it is thick enough to be a perfect matcha latte. High pistachio-ish nuttiness, medium umami savoriness and clean aftertaste.

MOKUREN Marble Roulade (RM13)
Comment: This dessert is super delicious, taste and texture are so on point! Matcha taste is strong, creamy with sweet crispy exterior. Strongly recommend this! It will be perfect if it is bigger in size.

Ajisai/ Intense Matcha Tiramisu (RM16)
Comment: Super appetizing and addictive! This whole dessert is so rich in Matcha, strong umami savoriness and less sweet. Matcha lovers gotta love this! Again, this piece is not sufficient for me, I wonder why all their desserts are so tiny.

Akane/ Intense Houjicha Tiramisu (RM16)
Comment: Smoky flavor with a distinctive taste of cocoa. I personally prefer the matcha tiramisu over this.

Yuri Mini Burnt Cheesecake (RM10)
Comment: Super tiny burnt cheesecake but it taste really good as well, a little sweet for me but acceptable because the matcha taste is still overpowering. Smooth, creamy and rich.

Melty MOKUREN Loaf Cake (RM10)
Comment: Not a fan as its texture is quite dry although the taste is there. Definitely could be better.

Melty Yuri Loaf Cake (RM10)
Comment: Matcha taste is pretty strong but the cake texture is pretty dry and a little hard although it is heated in the microwave.

Kiku Matcha Latte (RM12)
Comment: Strong matcha taste but lighter compared to Ren. It has
high pistachio-ish nuttiness, medium umami savoriness and clean aftertaste. Taste really good without sugar.

Mokuren/Genmaicha Latte (RM10)
Comment: It has shaded green tea and roasted brown rice taste. Rice-crackerish and matcha aftertaste. Acceptable for me.

Exclusive Crunch Cubes (RM22)- Yuri Matcha, Tsubaki Houjicha, Mokuren Genmaicha and Suisen Genmai

Exclusive Crunch Cubes (RM22)- Top left to bottom right: Suisen Genmai, Mokuren Genmaicha, Tsubaki Houjicha, Yuri Matcha
Comment: Crunchy feuilletine layer and fudgy brownie infused with genuine amount of Matcha on the inside, then further glazed with Matcha infused white chocolate and almond crumbs on the outside. Mixture of crunchy and fudgy texture.

Suisen Genmai
Comment: Rice cracker-ish notes of roasted brown rice, and mellow natural sweetness. Not a fan of this as it is quite sweet for me.

Mokuren Genmaicha
Comment: Mixture of matcha and roasted brown rice flavor.

Tsubaki Houjicha
Comment: R
oasty and smokey flavour with a hint of green tea taste

Yuri Matcha
Comment: Rich Matcha flavor with umami notes. This is my favorite one among all.

Tsubaki Burnt Cheesecake (RM10)
Comment: Melty yet highly dense texture. Rich in roasted green tea taste with high nuttiness. This is good.

Mokuren Choux au Craquelin (RM11)

Mokuren Choux au Craquelin (RM11)
Comment: Crispy crack bun cream puff filled with Mokuren cream. I like the texture of the cream puff and the dense filling but I find the matcha taste isn't that intense for me.

Price: $
Food: 4/5
Service: No Comment (MCO Takeaway)
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Address:82A, Lorong Maarof, Bangsar Park, 50000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia181, Jalan Tun H S Lee, City Centre, 50000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
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