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[Date Visited: September 2021]

     Old Hands Cafeteria is a Muslim-friendly Japanese cafe, established by Mr & Mrs Okamoto who are natives from Japan.  It is renowned for their Red Bean Daifuku Mochi that usually sold out within minutes. It is strongly advisable to pre-order your mochi Here 11 days in advance because you might not be able to get it if you walk in at 3pm. They are also selling a variety of buns, taiyaki, cakes and drinks whereby all the items are freshly handmade. Check out their Menu and pre-order their items to avoid disappointment.

Ice Matcha Latte, Unsweetened (RM15)
Comment: They used imported matcha. The size is bigger compared to other cafes. Smooth but it is slightly more milky, overpowered the matcha taste, so the matcha taste is quite light.

Hot Americano (RM10)
Comment: They used Rwanda beans, toasty and strong, pairs well with desserts indeed. I prefer this over the Matcha Latte.

Red Bean Daifuku Mochi (RM22/3pcs)
Comment: Small round mochi with thin, soft and chewy mochi skin filled with a generous amount of sweet red bean paste. Could taste chunks of red bean in it. Pretty good mochi.

Red Bean Daifuku Mochi (RM22/3pcs)

Japanese Nama Chocolate (RM42/16pcs)
Comment: Nama means raw or fresh and pure. I love this nama chocolate a lot! Tbh, I prefer this over the mochi. It is so smooth, rich in dark chocolate, less sweet and it just melts in the mouth. Pairs well with the coffee. So addictive, I just keep popping it into my mouth.

Japanese Nama Chocolate (RM42/16pcs)

Yuzu Burnt Cheese Cake (RM32)
Comment: The size is actually small. However, it is one of the nice cheese cake I've ever tasted. Slightly dense texture, smooth, rich in cheese flavor with a fragrant fruity, citrusy yuzu flavor. Love it!

Yuzu Burnt Cheese Cake (RM32)

Dark Chocolate Brownies (RM28)
Comment: Dense, slightly moist, rich in dark chocolate and less sweet, delicious!

Cream Buns

Red Bean Cream Bun (RM16/3pcs)
Comment: Light, soft and fluffy milk bun loaded with a huge amount of cream and a layer of sweet red bean paste.

Matcha Cream Bun (RM16/3pcs)
Comment: Light, soft and fluffy milk bun loaded with matcha cream, light matcha taste.

Strawberry Cream Bun (RM16/3pcs)
Comment: Light, soft and fluffy milk bun loaded with strawberry cream, aromatic, slightly sweet strawberry flavor. Quite good.

Taiyaki (RM4.50)

Taiyaki Cream Cheese (RM4.50)
Comment: Small size with cream cheese filling. Must be reheated to maintain its crispiness.

Taiyaki Red Bean (RM4.50)
Comment: Waffle-like snack filled with sweet red bean paste. Would prefer if the size is bigger and loaded with more sweet red bean paste.

Taiyaki Dark Chocolate (RM4.50)
Comment: Couldn't taste the dark chocolate as the filling is too little. I find the taiyaki here really plain.

Price: $
Food: 3.8/5
Service: No comment (Takeaway)
Website: Website | Facebook | Instagram
Menu: Menu
1-13 Glomac Centro, Lorong Masjid 1, Kampung Sungai Kayu Ara, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

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