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     Pastel Amor is an online bakery store that sells homemade profiteroles and cookies. Thanks to Pastel Amor, I got the opportunity to try out their signature 50 Shades of Brown Profiteroles: Biscoff and Nutella Flavored. Biscoff Profiteroles were filled with rich filling of Lotus Biscoff custard that burst in your mouth. Nutella Profiteroles were light and airy profiteroles filled with creamy Nutella custard, topped off with a Nutella drizzle and hazelnut crumbs. The texture of the puff was perfectly executed with soft, airy center and a light, crisp exterior. I preferred the Nutella Profiteroles with a slightly sweet chocolatey taste. The prices are: RM18/Box of 6; RM36/Box of 12; RM54/Box of 20. DM Pastel Amor on Instagram or FB to put in your order.

Nutella Profiterole

Biscoff Profiterole

Biscoff Profiterole

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