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     Shortie Bakers was started by two siblings who are self-taught in baking. Both of them love desserts and so they have started experimenting on many recipes. The sister who left the corporate world and the brother who was a jiu-jitsu trainer are now baking desserts on a daily basis for their friends who have now been converted to repeat customers. Currently, they are selling brookies, soft cookies and burnt cheesecakes. Do check out their menu in the link below to order your beloved desserts!

     For Brookies (RM24/3pcs or RM48/6pcs), there are 5 flavors available for mix and match: Original, Matcha, Caramel by the Sea, Nuts about You and Dark Side. Brookie is a cross between brownie and cookie with a chewy texture and thin outer crust, made with dark chocolate, flour, eggs, butter and sugar. For Soft Cookies (from RM30/6pcs), there are four flavors available for mix and match: Chocolate Chip, Chew-berry, Nutella Goodness and Caramel Pecan. Soft cookie is soft and rich with butter with slightly crunchy on the outside, made with premium butter, eggs and flour. Also, they are selling Original Burnt Cheesecake (RM90/6inch) and Matcha Burnt Cheesecake (RM125/6inch). The burnt cheesecake is creamy under-baked center with a nice caramelized top which is not over burnt, made with cream cheese, premium matcha powder from Niko-Neko, sugar, eggs and double cream.

Ooey Goey Matcha (RM24/3pcs)
Comment: Made using Niko Neko Yuri Matcha powder giving an umami and bitterness flavor, very strong matcha taste, overpowering the sweetness of the brookie, loved this!

Nuts about You (RM22/3pcs)
Comment: Crunchy peanut butter center blended with dark chocolate to give you a rich cocoa and nutty flavor, you will love this if you crave for a very strong peanut butter flavor

The Dark Side (RM24/3pcs)
Comment: Very rich dark chocolate center with a fruity, rich cocoa flavor and a hint of bitterness.

Original Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt (RM20/3pcs)
Comment: Made with 70% dark chocolate, sea salt, dark chocolate chips and cocoa powder. One of my favorite with dark chocolate chips and sea salt to enhance the flavor.

Caramel by the Sea (RM22/3pcs)
Comment: Melty homemade caramel center with a pinch of sea salt to balance off the sweetness

Soft Cookies

Caramel & Pecan (RM32/6pcs)
Comment: My favorite one with freshly toasted pecans that added another layer of crunchiness and homemade caramel bits

Chew-berry (RM30/6pcs)
Comment: Soft texture buttery cookie with white chocolate chips and premium chewy dried cranberries

Chocolate Chip (RM30/6pcs)
Comment: Soft baked cookie loaded with semi-sweet chocolate chips

Chocolate Chip

Nutella Goodness (RM32/6pcs)
Comment: Molten nutella center with a mix of semi-sweet chocolate chips

Nutella Goodness

Matcha Burnt Cheesecake
Comment: Creamy, soft, packed with strong matcha flavor with a hint of bitterness, definitely my kind of matcha burnt cheesecake

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