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     Snatch The Snacks is a hand-crafted snack shop, founded on the idea of curating and re-creating trending snacks ideas. They aim to satisfy both your "Angelic and Devilish" side with their specially designed playful menus, combining both healthy and guilty pleasure ingredients. Also, they will constantly re-innovate new snack ideas to satisfy your craving. I had tried their best-sellers: Almond Cranberry Snowflake Crisp (RM10.90/10 pcs or RM27.60/32 pcs) and Multi-Seed Thin Crisp (RM10.90/12 pcs).

     Almond Cranberry Snowflake Crisp is made using freshly roasted almonds, salted crackers, cranberries and soy powder mixed with melted marshmallows, unleashing sweet and sour flavor, with a hint of tanginess for balance. It is nougaty and fudgy with crunchiness. Multi-Seed Thin Crisp is oven baked thin crisp with caramelized almond flakes, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and black and white sesame seeds. All ingredients used are halal-certified. It is super delicious and healthy, delicately crispy & crunchy with a balance of nutty and sweet flavor. Don't forget to place your order from their FB/Instagram page.

Almond Cranberry Snowflake Crisp

Multi-Seed Thin Crisp

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