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Stoked Restaurant & Bar

Prime Meat Seafood Charcoal Oven Pasta

[Date Visited: December 2021]

     Stoked Restaurant & Bar is a casual-fine dining restaurant under the Vintry Group of Restaurants, Stoked Restaurant & Bar serves prime meats, seafood and the freshest produce from a Charcoal Oven. They showcase the freshest and best of ingredients by adopting the 'Locavore' philosophy, namely sourcing locally grown, seasonal produce available at farmers' markets and backyard gardens, ranging from fresh poultry, seafood and vegetables.

     Central to many dishes on the menu is Asia's first Bertha cast-iron charcoal oven from England. Fueled by a combination of wood and charcoal, the specially-imported oven elevates flavours of the produce by infusing it with a kiss of char and smokiness, yet sealing in the moistness and essential flavours of these fine foods. Grilled meats also take center stage in Stoked's menu offerings with chilled prime cuts of steaks, as well as off-cuts, which are also known as 'Butcher's Cuts' as these are usually the cuts butchers keep for themselves!

We were seated at Toji Sake Bar (their neighboring bar) because Stoked was full house

Toji Sake Bar (Stoked's neighboring bar)

Wild Mushroom Soup, Thyme Foam, Cep Powder (RM33)
Comment: Love this soup, so delicious! Rich, intense, fragrant mushroom flavor, especially with the cep powder topping that gives an additional flavor boost.

Truffle Bikini Sandwich, Serrano Ham and Brie Cheese (RM33)
Comment: Taste slightly salty due to the brie cheese and ham. Overall, it is packed with fillings, full of cheese and rich in truffle flavor. Pretty filling.

Truffle Tagliatelle Pasta, Chicken Veloute, Egg Yolk (RM48)
Comment: One of the good truffle pasta Ive ever had. The texture of the pasta is acceptable. Truffle taste can be stronger but acceptable, the aroma is still there. It tastes even better after mixing with the egg yolk that gives a creamy texture to it. Lovely.

Iberico Abanico Chop, Spiced, Apple Puree, Almondine Sauce (RM88)
Comment: Nicely cut into pieces which saves the hassle of cutting on your own. Tender, chewy, delicate and firm texture. Appetizing with all sorts of flavors. The almonds definitely give an extra crunchiness and fragrance to the dish. Perfect dish to order! Interesting yet superb combination of ingredients.

Truffle Mashed Potatoes (RM17)
Comment: Creamy and rich with earth flavor of truffle but a little too oily.

Deconstructed Yuzu Tart, Passion Fruit Sorbet, Kaffir Lime Oil (RM26)
Comment: Too sour for me, didn't really it. Suitable for those who don't like sweet desserts and prefer a rich citrusy taste.

     Strongly recommend you to book your table early if you are looking forward to be seated in Stoked Restaurant. Really love the food, definitely a good place for family and friends gatherings, no doubt even for couples.

Price: $$
Food: 4.5/5
Service: 5/5
Website: FacebookInstagram
Menu: Check out their FB or Instagram page for the latest menu
Address:120-122, Jalan Kasah, Medan Damansara 50490 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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