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     Sushi Mastro, is the latest restaurant in Malaysia that introduces Nikkei, a Japanese-Peruvian cuisine to its diners. Nikkei is a term for descendants of Japanese immigrants living outside of Japan. They combined their culinary tradition and influences of Japanese flavours with the traditional Peruvian ingredients sourced locally. The idea of opening Sushi Mastro came about when the owner Shafrizy Hazim noticed a surge in orders for Japanese ingredients from Seafood Maestro and the growing demand for Japanese cuisine in the city. He began his research into different influences of Japanese cuisine and came across Nikkei cuisine. Once the theme was set, he enlisted the help of Chef Salim bin Ismail, who has more than 30 years of experience, specialises in Japanese cuisine taught by his Japanese godfather from Kyoto. Throughout the years, Chef Salim experimented with Nikkei in his cooking in restaurants and hotels around Europe, incorporating sour and spicy flavours to his dishes. In addition to the premium quality ingredients such as tuna, hamachi, halibut and cod fish sourced internationally from their company- Seafood Maestro, Sushi Mastro proudly serves their sashimi using locally raised siakap, red snapper and malabar fish - a first in Malaysia. These locally raised fishes are from their ocean caged fish farm in Penang. The fish are handled using a Japanese technique, Ikejime, a humane way of killing a fish that paralyses the fish and drains them of blood to preserve its flavour and texture. Fishes are delivered in an icebox to Sushi Mastro within 1-2 days from slaughter to ensure freshness.

El Morado (RM13.80)- Butterfly pea, lychee, peach, lemonade
Comment: Must-order cocktail, refreshing, balanced fruity and floral flavors, what a lovely drink.

Brisa Fresca (RM13.80)- Orange, pineapple, peach, soda
Comment: Light, fruity and refreshing

Miel de Matcha (RM13.80)- Matcha green tea, gula melaka, lime
Comment: Unique combination of flavors but couldn't taste much of the green tea and gula melaka flavors

Mastro Chawanmushi (RM30)- Soft egg custard, truffle, prawn, snapper, lumpfish roe
Comment: Super smooth, melts in your mouth, tasty.

Nikkei Salmon Mango (RM58)- Fresh mango, ocean fjord trout, ikura, shoyu zuke
Comment: Must-order dish! Lovely combination of balanced savoury and sweet flavors. Delicious when you pop in that sweet mango and fresh salmon together. Perfect for sharing.

Ikejime Surtidas (RM48)- Siakap, Red Snapper and Malabar
Comment: Fresh local fish sashimi, texture mainly chewy and firm with mild taste. My favorites are the red snapper and malabar sashimi.

Unagi Uramaki (RM32)- Crunchy eel, orange salsa, kyuri, teriyaki sauce (RM32)
Comment: Mixture of savoury, sweet and sour flavors in one bite. Portion is quite big. Filling and satisfying.

Agedashi Tofu (RM15)- Deep fried tofu, warm soy sauce
Comment: Huge and smooth tofu. Light savoury taste.

Soft Shell Crab (RM30)- Crispy soft shell crab, spicy mayo sauce, lime
Comment: Huge, lightly crispy and you could enjoy much of soft shell crab meat.

Argentinian Angus Ribeye (RM80)- Grilled ribeye 250gm, butter herbs, chimichurri sauce

Champignon Batayaki (RM20)- Saute mushrooms, butter
Comment: Fragant butter aroma, buttery flavor. Different types of mushrooms given.

Graham Cake (RM20)- Cream cheese, crackers, fruits cocktail
Comment: A little frozen, taste like fruit cake, taste pretty good with the cream cheese.

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Address: Unit 1-1 Fortune Centra, No. 2, Jalan Metro Perdana 6, Taman Usahawan Kepong 52100 Kepong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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