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Sushi Oribe (Autumn Special Omakase)

Omakase Special Omakase Japanese Chef Fine Dining

[Date Visited: October 2021]

     Sushi Oribe was founded in December 2014, run mainly by Japanese Chefs and Malaysian Chef. Omakase is a Japanese phrase, that means "I'll leave it up to you'. It is a formal Japanese dining in which guests leave themselves in the hands of a chef and receive a meal which is seasonal, elegant, artistic and uses the finest ingredients available. Sushi Oribe's elegant atmosphere provides the perfect place for a fine dining experience. Its warm interior tones laced with ambient lighting exude quiet relaxation. Master Chef, Chef Naoya and Second Chef, Chef Hiroyuki keep in mind to bring customers an unforgettable moment by creating the most unique dishes while providing the best service.     

     Their Omakase changes seasonally from Spring, Summer, Autumn to Winter. Lunch menu ranges from RM268++/pax, RM380++/pax and from RM700++/pax for Special Omakase. Dinner menu ranges from RM328++/pax, RM498++/pax and from RM700++/pax for Special Omakase. We booked the Special Omakase (RM900++/pax) 2 weeks in advance due to certain ingredients requested for the best omakase fine dining experience. 100% opt for the counter seats so that we get the best service by the friendly and attentive Chef Nao.

Japanese Fig
Comment: Sweet and juicy, slightly savoury

Hiroshima Oyster w Seaweed Jelly
Comment: Super fresh and plump, slightly sweet, lovely!

Japanese Lobster w Sea Salt, Soy Sauce & Prawn Head Sauce
Comment: Super fresh lobster sashimi and taste sweet, firm texture! Love to pair it with the prawn head sauce.

Top Right to Top Left: Ishikagi Clam, Hirame with Uni Sauce, Shima Aji (Amberjack) with Yuzu Miso Sauce and Binnaga Maguro (Albacore)
Comment: Ishikagi clam and hirama are chewy in texture, amberjack has a crunchy, albacore is my new favorite fish with a soft and firm texture. All taste really fresh and awesome!

Awabi (Abalone) steamed for 6-7 hours
Comment: Soft and chewy texture

Shiro Ebi
Comment: Tiny prawns, slightly sweet and soft

Sanma (Pacific Saury) w Cili Padi Miso
Comment: Very soft and melts in the mouth. This is also one of my favorite fish.

Rock Fish
Comment: Soft, slimy and melts in the mouth. Yum!

Smoked Chutoro

Smoked Chutoro
Comment: Soft and melts in the mouth, smoky flavor. A different twist of chutoro, pretty unique.

Fresh Ikura (Salmon Roe)
Comment: Fresh with seawater taste

Katsuo (Bonito) w Ponzu Sauce
Comment: Strong umami flavor with ponzu flavor, firm texture. Still prefer the smoky way.

Hairy Crab with Crab Miso
Comment: Crunchy seaweed noodles with fresh sweet hairy crab meat

Amadai (Tilefish) with Chesnut and Squid Ink Cracker
Comment: Fall in love with this fish! Super duper delicious! Perfectly cooked! Soft flesh with crispy fish skin. Chesnut taste really sweet as well.

Top Left to Top Right: Murasaki Uni, Bafun Uni Mixed and Bafun Uni Original
Comment: Creamy, sweet and fresh. Lovely as usual. My favorite is the murasaki uni.

Left to Right: Torched Kame Toro w Black Truffle Salt and Fresh Kame Toro
Comment: Purposely asked for this as I don't usually get this in other restaurant. Super oily and fatty but I love it! It is fatter than Otoro. Black truffle salt adds extra truffle aroma to it, which taste even better!

Comment: Fatty, oily and melts in the mouth! My favorite as usual!

Lobster Head Soup
Comment: Super sweet with a balanced savoury taste! There is lobster meat as well.

Lobster Head Soup

Dessert: Japanese Melon, Lemon Frost w Coffee Mousse and Chestnut
Comment: Even dessert is perfect! Purposely requested for the Japanese Melon and so happy that the chef is able to find it for me! Taste extremely sweet and juicy, love the melon!

     Chef Nao definitely served a wonderful special omakase meal as always! Super satisfied with the meal, super filling and I am really happy that chef attended to my requests for certain items. A great place for the best omakase and superb friendly service!

Price: $$$$$
Food: 5/5
Service: 5/5
Website: Website | Facebook | Instagram
Menu: Menu
Address:Ground Floor. Block C-1, Vipod Residences, No 6, Jalan Kia Peng, 50450 Kuala Lumpur. 43000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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