Tag: Fine Dining

Chateau Dionne KL (Valentine's Course Menu)

The iconic French fine dining restaurant from Shanghai to KL
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Sushi Ori

Chef Ori brings the real Japanese taste of sushi for you to experience the most authentic Omakase.
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Enfin By James Won

Enjoy the award-winning French Cuisine at Enfin by James Won, where dinner is truly a Journey of the Senses.
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Entier French Dining

Nose-to-tail dining in its offering of authentic French Cuisine, where no part of the animal or vegetable goes to waste.
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Ginza Sushimasa (Lunch Omakase)

An authentic Omakase experience with fresh and top quality selection of seafood from Tsukiji Market Japan.
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Yun House, Four Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Luxurious dim sum (halal) freshly made in a fancy restaurant that is led by a reputable chef from Hong Kong.
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