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     Third Mug KL is an online store that sells signature single origin cold brews. Third Mug KL is a three piece team. It was an idea created spontaneously while eating after gym, did the homework, saw a niche, growing market and took it on. It became a platform which allows the three of them to be as crazy and creative as they want; a safe space to learn and grow from as they figure out what they want Third Mug KL to become. Third mug cold brews are steeped through a 24 hour brewing process to fully extract the complete flavor of the coffee bean. They use only single origin coffee beans originated from different regions in South Africa that has complex coffee notes: Colombian and Rwanda. Place an order in the link below and enjoy a 10% discount by quoting this discount code: SHERFERNTM10 on their Instagram DM.

Cold Brew- Rwanda White Coffee (RM12)
Comment: Strong, rich, citrus and chocolate taste

Cold Brew- Columbia Black Coffee (RM11)
Comment: Bright, fruity and floral taste. Usually prefer white over black but this black coffee makes me fall for black coffee because it doesn't have the usual bitterness that I got from elsewhere

Matcha Latte (RM12)- Imported ceremonial grade matcha from Uji, Kyoto Japan
Comment: Very rich matcha taste and creamy, a must-drink beverage for matcha lovers!

Hojicha Latte (RM12)
Comment: Smooth and creamy with nutty and toasty flavor

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