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     Thurs2.0 is a space that serves TOP 1 Bubble Milk Tea Cake in Kuala Lumpur. Their cafe is currently closed due to pandemic, only accept takeaways/deliveries at the moment. Thurs2.0 had been voted 2018 Best Cafe in Kuala Lumpur and 2019 Best Dessert in Kuala Lumpur. Today, I had the chance to try out their signature French Earl Grey Bubble Milk Tea Cake (RM36 for 6 inch). They use premium French Earl Grey from TWG to make the chiffon cake, salted cheese foam on top and earl grey custard in the middle of the cake. It will be a perfect dessert for tea time and you may deliver this cake as a birthday cake for your loved ones as well. Stay tuned on their FB/Instagram for more fusion twist desserts!

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French Earl Grey Bubble Milk Tea Cake (RM36 for 6 inch)
Comment: The chiffon cake had a strong earl grey taste, filled with earl grey custard inside. The boba were chewy with acceptable level of sweetness. The combination of salted cheese foam, earl grey custard and the brown sugar coated boba made a good dessert.

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