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Touche Pastries & More

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     Touche Pastries and More is a neighborhood cafe which specializes in Danish Pastries and Artisan Toast and Bread. Every single item that you can find here is out from their bakery and freshly baked every day. Their signature items are croissants (with variety of filling and topping) and sourdough (natural fermented). I am a huge fan of freshly baked pastries and I am so excited to try out theirs. I received a box of their signature pastries: Apple Crumble Pastry (RM7.80), Banana Croissant (RM7.80), Almond Croissant (RM7.80), Walnut Sticky Bun (RM7.80), Pain Au Chocolate (RM7.80) and Custard Donut (RM6.20). You may click in the link below to order through Touche Pastries's FB or Instagram page.

Pain Au Chocolate (RM7.80)
Comment: Crispy and flaky puff pastry with chocolate filling in the middle

Almond Croissant (RM7.80)
Comment: A nice sweet treat with generous amount of almonds, perfect for almond lovers

Apple Crumble Pastry (RM7.80)
Comment: Unique combination of puff pastry, apple crumble, raisins and pistachio. Loved the different layers of texture with generous toppings, definitely a must-have if you are craving for sweet pastry.

Walnut Sticky Bun (RM7.80)
Comment: Sweet version of bun with aromatic walnut taste

Banana Croissant (RM7.80)
Comment: First time trying banana croissant and immediately fell in love with it! Ridiculously delicious with that perfect balance of sweetness that came from the banana and those toppings gave an extra crunchiness to it, made this croissant really addictive.

Banana Croissant (RM7.80)

Custard Donut (RM6.20)
Comment: Soft and chewy donut, flooded with custard filling that are not overly sweet

Custard Donut (RM6.20)

Website: Facebook | Instagram 
Address:No. 7, Jalan ss17/56 46400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

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