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     During this Chinese New Year, VCR is offering VCR Meal of All Good (RM138) for 3/4 pax. This CNY set menu includes Salad, Panzanella, Sweet Potato and Spring Chicken. Complimentary VCR BBQ Chicken (Bakwa) will be given along with Free Delivery within 15km when you order this VCR Meal of All Good. You may scroll down to view the full details of the menu. The taste of each food definitely did not disappoint me although it was delivered. Every single dish has its own distinctive taste. However, VCR is accepting Pre-Order only until 9 February 2021, so make sure you grab it quick!

Spring Chicken (Whole Pan Seared Spring Chicken, Yuzu Kosho Dressing, Fried Gobo, Ponzu Caramel Sauce)
Comment: The chicken was tender and quite flavorful with fragrant herbs

Sweet Potato (Fried Sweet Potato, Chrysanthemum Syrup, Sesame Seeds, Yoghurt Dressing)
Comment: Love this dish! Sweet Potato coated with chrysanthemum syrup and sesame seeds giving an aromatic sweet flavor. The combination of sweet potato with yoghurt dressing gave a unique sweet and sour flavor that makes you crave for more

Salad (Fresh Greens, Cherry Tomato, Sesame Dressing)
Comment: Simple yet irresistibly good with the appetizing sesame dressing.

Panzanella (Cherry Tomato, Kyuri, Capers, Olive, Shallot, Olive Oil, Sourdough Crouton, Rice Cracker)
Comment: Very interesting yet addictive snack with burst of flavors, it was unbelievably appetizing and delectable. Even the rice cracker was tasty on its own.

Price: $$
Food: 4.5/5
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