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Photo credit: @whipnwhisk

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     Whip-n-Whisk is an online bakery store that sells Chinese New Year cookies, whole cakes, rolls and tarts. Grab your CNY cookies freshly made by them now! I had tried some cookies offered by them, personally I liked the Tsubaki Houjicha Cookies and the Seed-Crisps.

Tsubaki Houjicha Cookies (RM20)
Comment: Houjicha taste is strong, a good choice for matcha lover. This is my favorite one!

Seed-Crisps (RM22)
Comment: This is also my favorite choice. Crunchy and aromatic with a variety of seeds and black & white sesame

Mini Double Chocolate Macadamia (RM20)
Comment: Rich chocolate taste, not overly sweet

White Chocolate Cranberry Pistachio
Comment: Slightly sweet

Chicken Little Biscuits (RM18)
Comment: Crunchy and savoury

Photo credit: @whipnwhisk

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