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Wizards at Tribeca

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[Date Visited: June 2021]

     Wizards is a gastronomical treat in the heart of KL with a contemporary dining concept which includes delicious, beautifully presented meals using quality ingredients. Located on the lobby level of Tribeca Bukit Bintang, the dining experience is complemented with plenty of natural light, leafy green décor and a stylish, sophisticated vibe. Sadly, it is closing down on 31st July 2021. So, I had decided to try out their menu for one last time as a farewell meal. Check out their menu in the link below and grab it quick!

White 6 Oz (RM11)
Comment: Coffee taste was quite mild

Unagi Bao (RM26)- Freshly steamed homemade bao with spicy deep fried unagi, served with kyuri, scallions and salted egg crumble
Comment: Fluffy baos with deep fried unagi and salted egg crumble, filling. I still prefer the normal unagi texture.

Magical Shrooms (RM32)- Creamy tagliatelle with mild mushrooms, truffles and turkey ham (supposed to be beef bacon bits)
Comment: Delicious creamy pasta with generous amount of turkey ham and mushrooms, tasty with truffle flavor.

Miso Chicken Somen (RM28)- Warm somen noodles tossed with Kombu-soy vinegar and served with roast miso chicken, coriander leaves, crispy nori, sesame and chilli oil
Comment: Thin, slightly cold somen noodles with tender chicken, taste similar to Chinese kind of noodles. 

Matcha Loaf (RM10)
Comment: Buttery and medium strong matcha taste, quite good but the matcha icing on top was a tad sweet and thickened.

Wizard's Tart Box (RM65) From top left to bottom right- Matcha & Strawberry Tart, Salted Egg & Chocolate Tart, Exotic Mango Tart and Coffee Walnut Tart

Coffee Walnut Tart- Coffee-whipped ganache-cream, homemade walnut praline, walnut dacquoise, sesame sable and sesame brittle
Comment: Taste quite similar to tiramisu, coffee taste was quite strong but it would be better for me if it was less sweet

Exotic Mango Tart- Lime jelly with fresh mango cubes, mango kaffir-lime curd, coconut cream and lime zest
Comment: This was my favorite tart, citrusy, sourish with mango fragrance.

Matcha & Strawberry Tart- Fresh strawberry salsa, homemade strawberry jam, matcha pastry cream
Comment: The matcha itself and the strawberry salsa and jam itself taste good but I personally think both of them don't complement each other well. I am a big fan of matcha so I didn't really appreciate the matcha taste when the strawberry jam overpowered it.

Salted Egg & Chocolate Tart- Salted egg yolk custard, dark chocolate ganache and salted egg crumble
Comment: Wasn't my preference, taste like sea salt chocolate tart

Price: $$
Food: 3.5/5
Service: No comment (MCO Takeaway)
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Menu: Menu
Ground Floor, Residensi Tribeca, Jalan Imbi 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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